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ExeCUTEtion Sticker


An ExeCUTEtion sticker including of one of the 12 ExeCUTEtion characters!

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ExeCUTEtion is the card game of adorable capital punishment, and is for 2-6 players. Do away with your friends and don’t get deadified!

Get a sticker of one of the 12 ExeCUTEtion characters, including:

  1. Burning at the Stake (Burning Marshmallow)
  2. Drowning (Bubbles)
  3. Lethal Injection (Sewing Needle)
  4. Drawn and Quartered (Birthday Cake)
  5. Firing Squad (Water Blasters)
  6. Guillotine (Head of Lettuce)
  7. Electrocution (Light Switch)
  8. Hanging (Apple)
  9. Keelhauling (Lifesaver)
  10. Decapitation (Cupcake)
  11. Impalement (Kabob)
  12. Buried Alive (Carrot)
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